What Are Your Home Financing Goals?

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  • Buying your first home

    If you are a first time homebuyer, you’ll want to learn the basics of buying your first home and receive the information you need to make the right financial decision for your family.

  • Buying your next home

    Life is a series of changing and when that change occurs, you may want to consider buying another home that suits those changes.  We’re here to help you make the best decision for you and your family when those lifestyle changes occur.

  • Buying a second home or
    vacation home

    You’d love to own a second home for special vacations and family time.  But, you are not sure how much mortgage financing you will need to make your purchase a reality.  Our family team of experts is here to help provide you with the mortgage program that works best for you.

  • Buying a foreclosed or short sale home

    You’ve considered moving, but the home you are buying is either a foreclosed or short sale property.  You’re not sure just how it works when purchasing such properties.  The home is priced right, but you need to know more.  Our team works with homebuyers just like you and will provide you with  the right advice for making a sound financial buying decision.

  • Buying a Fixer Upper

    You found a house you really l ike  to buy. The house is in a great neighborhood, it’s perfect for your size family, but it needs some work.  You don’t have tons of cash to make the repairs and upgrade the kitchen or other rooms and still make the down payment. You need a mortgage that works for you. Good news! There is a way to make your purchase a reality. Check out our FHA 203K.

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  • Buying an investment

    Thinking about becoming a landlord?  Or, perhaps you found a great deal and with a little hard work, you you could  one offer for the property for sale after doing all the renovations.  Before proceeding, check out our programs for investors and learn the ins and out of properly financing before investing your hard earned money.

  • Refinancing your home

    You’ve heard your friends and neighbors refinancing their mortgages.  You’re not sure if refinancing your mortgage will be beneficial.  But, you know you should be able to get a lower rate.  Let our team of mortgage experts assist you in deciding if moving forward with a refinance make sense and gives you the benefits you deserve.

  • Considering retirement or downsizing

    There are over 10,000 homeowners turning 62 or older every day.  Most want to stay in their homes, downsize, move closer to the kids, or move to friendlier climate.  Not sure about your options.  Learn more about your options and choices from our family team of mortgage experts.


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