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Update! Are mortgage interest rates starting to rise?

arrowIn comparison, last week’s average rate was 3


  When you compare rates from 30 years ago, rates still remain lower and very attractive for a purchase or a refinance

The average rate on a 15-year, fixed-rate loan was 2




pmms chartWhen creating any debt it requires you must have a net tangible benefit to you the borrower

 If purchasing a home you must feel comfortable that you will still have a life after paying the mortgage

 If you refinance, then you must see a benefit that saves you both monthly payments, increases your cash flow and provides for a reduction in long term interest payments


Housing starts and new construction are up over last year

Existing home inventory for most of Delaware seems to have dwindled from 2012,  which means a return to demand

Some areas in Delaware has seen purchasing has moved from a buyers market to a sellers market

This equates to less negotiation room for buyers

Bottom line, if you are considering buying or purchasing a home,  the timing for you is still good

If you are thinking about refinancing and it makes sense by providing you a tangible benefit, then no time is better than now

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Let us know, where do you see interest rates going in the near future?

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