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Take 5 Steps Now To Become A First Time Homebuyer in Delaware in 2013
Taking the right steps now to prepare yourself to buy your first home in 2013 will help make the process easier, and will help you buy that home earlier in the year If you get started with small steps now, you can become a 2013 first time home buyerwith no real hassles From credit scores to down Read more [...]
Mortgage interest rates are still low!
Delaware mortgage rates have improved since the Federal Reserve started its QE3 program by pumping in an additional $40 billion to boost the housing market.  This should keep rates low for a while, so the sooner you get refinanced, the sooner you will start saving money monthly and increasing your Read more [...]
Refinance or not to Refinance – Top Ten Considerations
One thing is for sure, if you have the right situation that works for you and your family, then you can greatly benefit from refinancing your home mortgage loan. The best way to figure out whether you, in particular, are in that situation is by talking to professionals and comparing mortgage rates and Read more [...]