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Will Your Credit Score Affect the Interest Rate You Get?
I had a potential call me to get a pre-approval   I asked if he have any idea what his credit score was   He said he went on line and it was 900+   I advised him that that score was impossible because credit scores range from 300 to 850 The credit scoring mechanism used by mortgage Read more [...]
How to Buy a Fixer Upper with a FHA 203K Loan
Drive just about anywhere and you can find homes which would be great to own but plainly need repair and updating The problem? Most mortgages help you buy a home but provide no funding for repairs FHA's 203(k) program lets you buy the house you want now and then provides the money you need to Read more [...]
Mortgage Rates Hit New Lows!
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better!   The average fixed rate 30-year mortgage fell this week, yet to another record low, according to data from Freddie Mac The low rates come amid signs of improvement in housing -- declining foreclosures and delinquencies, and increases to housing Read more [...]