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Getting a home loan today to make a purchase or refinance your existing loan may appear on the surface to be a complicated and exhausting task.

Having as much knowledge and understanding of the process and many programs will be your first step in making wise decisions that will affect you and your family for years to come.

If you are considering purchasing a home you will find there are many programs for you to consider. There is no cookie cutter program, because everyone may have different situations that will influence which home loan is best for them.

Challenge yourself by asking the following questions:

1.  Owning vs Renting –  Does it make sense for you?
2.  How much can you afford?
3.  How much will you need for the down payment?
4.  What price range are your comfortable purchasing?
5.  Have you done a monthly budget?
6.  Have you compared your income to proposed mortgage debt?
7.  Are you aware of special programs available for Delaware residents?
8.  Is your credit fair, good or excellent?
9.  What are your assets?
10. What are the total costs to purchase my home?

After challenging yourself with the above questions, you are ready to move forward with the Pre-Approval for your home loan.

Pre-Approval does several important things for you:

1.  Sets a benchmark for you to shop for a home loan.  For example if you are Pre-Approved for $250,000, you don’t want to be shopping for $400,000 house.
2.  Sets a level of confidence for others.  For example, your realtor will be more apt to show you homes, knowing that you are able to afford the houses you tour. Conversely, once you find a home, your seller will be confident you can complete the sale process.
3.  Sets a future expectation for you and your family.  For example, knowing upfront what you can and cannot afford will help prevent problems later.  Buying a home you can afford will allow you to pay your mortgage on time and avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy in the future.

Along with getting Pre-Approved there will be a choice of the programs that will meet your needs and qualifications.  Below is a list of the programs we offer for you to choose from:

We will assist you once you get pre-approved to determine which program is best for you.  You may also check out the mortgage calculator (at the right side of this page) to see what monthly payment you are comfortable paying.

If you would like to speak to our client support staff,  just CLICK HERE to fill out our contact form  or simply call 877-266-9500.


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