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Buying your first home is one of the most important financial decisions in your lifetime.  To learn what it takes to become a first time homebuyer in 2012 you will need to know what to expect when making your home purchase.  Read our  Guide to Home Ownership – My First Home

It’s exciting just thinking about your first home purchase.  Having a mortgage payment rather than a rent payment is a way to accumulate a permanent and valuable asset that grows over time and adds to the stablity of your family today and in the future.

First time homebuyers should want tons of information.  An educated buyer is our best client.  You need to know about different loan programs, interpreting a good mortgage rate,  terms of the mortgage, appraisals, and choosing the right realtor and title closing agent and the right mortgage expert.

There are many programs available to you as a first time homebuyer.  You need the right information to offer insights into making the purchase of your first home as smooth as possible.

Take advantage of our First Time Homebuyer Video.  Our experienced mortgage professionals are here for you and our educational blog provide you fresh information about new programs and current mortgage news.  No questions should go answered. We’d love to help you become become a first time homebuyer.

Download our eBookGuide to Buying Your First Home” to better understand the mortgage and home buying process. You’ll learn about FICO scores (what they are and what yours should be), appraisals (are they really necessary), down payment requirements and much more. The information is free! Download the guide at the button below! Also, checkout out our other free resources.


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