Are you putting off mortgage refinancing?

I am still amazed when I get a call from a client and find out they have interest rates near or exceeding 5% or higher.  When we finish looking at their particular financial situation and see how they can save by refinancing the comments are often the same, “I wish I had done this earlier.”


Here’s the 10 most usual comments I hear from clients when asked why they have not refinanced?
1.  I’m just too busy!
2.  Not sure how long I will stay in the house.
3.  I thought my other borrower would do it
4.  My neighbor said our house was valued too low
5.  I didn’t think I would qualify?
6.  Refinancing is a real pain.
7.  Mortgage companies have tightened up lending.
8. Not sure if I would save any money.
9. My accountant or tax advisor told me to do it last year.
10.  I thought mortgage rates were going lower?

OK, you’ve got the idea.  No one knows you’re situation when it comes to mortgage financing and whether or not it makes sense, other than you.  However, you never know if it makes sense or not to refinance, unless you know all the answers.

Making a note of #10.  Considering where mortgage rates are now, refinancing or buying a house today is the best ever. When you consider all permaters, such as inflation and taxes, leveraging your asset at the lowerst possible rate has never been better and has never made more sense.

I have a suggestion.  Give us a call and let’s see if refinancing makes sense for you.  If it does, then you still have the opportunity to shop around or let us help you, either way, we have performed a vital service to you and your family!

Give us a call, we’re here to help!

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